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Yanmar unveils its new SmartAssist Remote service, an overview of relevant information on your machines for increased productivity and improved efficiency. This tool provides you with optimal visibility of your equipment by using the latest telematic technology.

SmartAssist Remote transmits detailed information to you in real time about the status of your machine and its use. You can check the location of your equipment, its energy efficiency, consumption and maintenance requirements at any time. The data can also be checked by the dealer in order to optimise cost and time of maintenance and the downtime of your machines.

In addition to operational information, you can choose to get alerts in case of malfunction of your equipment and any unusual activity. In fact, our system allows you to set alerts in case a machine is moved from a certain area or in the case of any activity outside the scheduled hours. The data, updated every 30 seconds, is transmitted to you in real time by email. The message will inform you of the time and the type of alert received in order to facilitate and optimise the effectiveness of your corrective action.

SmartAssist Remote allows you to take advantage of a stock of safe and protected machines. SmartAssist Remote also helps to facilitate and streamline your daily activities; thanks to the shift management service, you will be able to plan work depending on your equipment and your operators.

Available as standard on most of our excavators and carriers, you can benefit from all the services offered by SmartAssist Remote free of charge for 5 years. Accessible on computers tablets and smartphones, you can monitor the activity of your machines and their technical data from any location. A tool to be used daily and without constraints.

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