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As an engineering company, we are dedicated to put our experience and expertise to full use in finding the optimal solution for customers’ needs. Quality is integrated in all our activities. We strive to provide high-quality products and services and have embedded our quality procedures in an entire policy.

Yanmar’s quality approach

Quality is at the core of our company's discussions and actions, our Quality processes is totally integrated in our activity, from the conception to the production of our machines and from after sale to the service we offer to our clients.

The Quality approach of the group is based on Japanese organizational processes such as the Toyota Production System for the research of quality and productivity in each task and the Kaizen system in a continuous improvement philosophy.

We pay particular attention to the quality of machine production, which is defined by several criteria :

  • Performances of the machines
  • Aspect and ergonomics
  • Conformity

We always endeavour to push our Quality processes further in order to match to our client’s requirements and to standards in effect in the countries we practise our activity.


To support the Yanmar Group's strategy on the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA is implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) on all its sites based on the ISO 9001 version 2015 standards.

This system defines in particular the interactions between all the company's processes and the company's overall organization. This aims to achieve all the company's targets in terms of market share and profitability as a part of its Mid-Term Plan.

The entire Management Team is committed to allocating all necessary and sufficient ressources to implement this Quality Policy.

The Quality Management System supports 5 key Group strategy initiatives:

1. Dealer Network Development:

Objective: satisfaction of all our customers (dealers and end customers) by constant improvement of the quality of our products, and excellence in after-sales service and spare-parts.

2. Development of Machine Range:

Objective: development of innovation and continuous improvement of our processes and products.

3. Manufacturing Footprint Optimization:

Objective: continuous reduction of supply chain costs to keep on improving our competitiveness and to enable the development of our dealer network.

4. Quality Leadership:

Objective: implementing continuous improvement methods to ensure efficiency of all our processes.

5. Organizational Structure:

Objective: continuous improvement of the organization by developing trainings necessary for the acquisition of competences, both internally (Yanmar staff) and externally (dealer's staff).

A Management review of our Quality Management System is held annually. It allows us to check system effectiveness, achievement of all our objectives, and our ability to improve continuously.

During this review, we amend and update our Quality Policy where necessary. In order to guarantee the commitment of everybody to the Quality Policy and to the Yanmar group's 11 values, the Quality Policy is regularly distributed through our internal communication channels (internal newspaper, intranet, etc.).


Through this Quality Policy and Commitment, our common will is to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers and to anticipate their future needs.



Safety & Health

Safety and Health is a strong issue in Yanmar’s work policies. We will undertake everything within our capabilities to create a safe and healthy working climate for our workers under any circumstances. Therefore, we apply extensive health and safety procedures. 


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